Flinders University Choral Society

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Tuesday, 7:00 PM
Madley rehearsal studio, The University of Adelaide

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In addition to our weekly rehearsals on Monday evenings at Flinders, there is always a residential camp at a reclusive location on a particular weekend during the rehearsal period. Beginning with a rehearsal on Friday evening and continuing with two on Saturday and finally on Sunday morning, these weekends are an opportunity for intensive rehearsals, that one weekend at camp is more effective than several weeks of ordinary rehearsals. Apart from this, there is plenty of time over the weekend to socialise. Camp does cost $50 for students to attend the whole weekend, and this covers accommodation and meals. Understanding that not everybody would be able to attend the entire camp, partial attendance attracts a lower rate. We’ll let you know the dates of camp well in advance so you have time to organise time off work and to do your homework earlier. As always, we do offer payment plans if required.

Pub nights

Because, sometimes, we like drinking. Often accompanied by members of the Adelaide University Choral Society, these nights involve meeting at a pub in the city, eating, drinking and singing. We do sing songs at the pub and in time, you will learn these songs too.